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Reflections Chapter One: Only the Beginning
Sarabi kept her eyes on the streets while her group waited for someone to pay for them to play their music. She held her white guitar close and her black backpack close to her legs. To the right side of her was her twin sister Chloe looking bored from the waiting and near starvation. Chloe's blonde hair was tied back to a ponytail and her white shorts were turning gray because of the muck on the sidewalk. Her blue shirt was sort of clean but it was wet from the fog earlier that morning. It didn't bother her much because she knew eventually she can clean them off. It was just another rough day for paying customers and it was taking a toll on them.
It had been two weeks since they arrived in Hellsalem's lot and they have been homeless for two weeks. They came to be musicians with their friends Zirina the drummer and Posa the pianist. Unlike Zirina and Posa, they had nowhere else to go when they got to Hellsalem's Lot and very little money because it cost a lot just to get their Poké
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Reflection Intro
Hellsalem's Lot is standing where New York City once was. After the mysterious explosion and a gate opening, two worlds became connected and the world was never the same. There was alter-world beings coming into the world easily thanks to the gate but it also meant trouble. There was millions of alter-world beings now working in the world alongside humans and if they were working for criminals or are criminals themselves, it was going to be hell trying to apprehend them. Not to mention, you have different and still alive foods that the alter-world ate in both grocery stores and in diners. And you can expect some to have a nasty temper if you offend them the wrong way.
It became pretty clear that living in the Lot was harder than some expected. Finding a good job would take a long time to get and if you wanted to make big money, you had to go underground just to find one. There was no guarantee if you would make it or break it. Or even come back out alive. It was a death wish if you
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Mature content
A Thousand Years Chapter Two: Wake up! :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 0 0
Mature content
A Thousand Years Chapter One: Open a Book :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 0 0
A Thousand Years Intro
Dear Diary,
I guess today wasn't my lucky day. The weatherman said it would be sunny all day, but when I looked out the window it was pouring hard so I couldn't meet with Atticus at the studio. I would've made it in time if my truck wasn't at the shop for repairs. The mechanic guessed he'll have it done next Wednesday. I still wonder how a small tree branch could wedge into the engine and cause so much damage.
Atticus said it was okay if I missed practice today since all him and David is doing is set up the stage for this weekends concert. I guess I'm a bit lucky, but that doesn't help knowing David's stupid, moody girlfriend was with him! Belinda hates me and I bet she's smirking with those fake lips at my misery. If only I had the truck and I could show up and wipe that smug grin off her!
But even if I did, David would probably save her..
What does he see in that witch? All she wants is his money and his families title. She's like Cinderella's evil stepsisters though I don't know
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Merry Christmas Ashley!!! :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 8 93 Merry Christmas Midnight47o!!!! :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 6 7
Silverwing: Silver-Crossed REDONE Chapter One
Ivy didn't like being captured or even caged for that matter. Whatever the humans wanted, she had no idea what. What would they want with a silver-banded freak of nature like herself? Ivy could not understand why. She did give the humans some credit: she could see the sun rise and the sunset if she wanted too. Thanks to this invisible shield they call a 'window'. Thank you Scat Cat, Ivy thought to herself congratulating herself for knowing what the humans made. Or least what she thought from what her friend told her some time ago. After she flew right into one hunting for the smaller pups in the group.
Again, to the humans she might have something they wanted, but what? Ivy paced back and forth on the cage ceiling trying to ponder out her situation or how to get out of here. Winter was on its way and if she doesn't get to her group before it does, there was no chance of surviving during hibernation. Ivy sighed to herself, thanking Nocturna none of the pups were taken when everyo
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Ivy and Darcey :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 5 30 Happy Late Birthday krystlekmy! :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 5 35
Thank you Robin Williams.
It was the first day of college and already I was ready for the end of the semester. I was okay until it was Spanish Class and everything felt like it was crashing down. The class was going to fast, in my opinion, and I didn't want to do a lot of the stuff the professor wanted done. She gave us quizzes on the college website then made us purchase a Spanish textbook along with codes for two websites. There was work on the websites that had deadlines and it looked endless because of how close each deadline was. I wanted to cry right in the room. But I needed to grow up in order to go to Disney.
Ever since I heard of the Disney College Program, I wanted to get there the first chance I get. All I had to do was go to a state college for a full year then I can hop on the first ride to Orlando, Florida and get to work. I wished I could just fast forward the year so I could get there quicker. Sadly, I learned the hard way wishes take more time than they're made.
A lot has happened when I was l
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Request: Sleeping Leo :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 6 19 Happy Birthday Ashley! :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 7 247 Ivy the Queen of Hearts :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 8 44 Happy Birthday KateChristmas! :iconnekoastral:Nekoastral 4 16
Heaven's Light
It was Hallows Eve dusk,
When the sun slumber the bright;
Gin the ghouls come through grimly musk,
They never are far from heaven's light.
“No one is the brace and the bold, knave.
Maiden's swoon for a creature of night;
It is nothing but a losing battle,
Strive and head west with heaven's light!”
He had not gane a mile but twa,
When swift blade met his might.
And the earth bathed in fresh blood,
Tainted and dirty the heaven's light.
They came fain down the fail dyke,
And a muckle dreadful time it was.
No man was spared, nor maiden nor tyke,
E'en closed of peace or mane of fright.
“What become of your hellhounds, my king?
What became of your hellhounds, my liege?”
“They hunt and poison'd those wald stray,
Weary from battle and pleading for more.”
They leave the rumble and ash,
The paction complete for Devil's delight;
No soul alive, beaten and bash.
They have slain heaven's light.
Mirror, Mirror, Mr. Mirror,
Who holds the key and sight.
Who kens the
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Blooming Life :iconlittlepolka:littlepolka 172 16 Chibi Bagged Nebby :iconitachi-roxas:Itachi-Roxas 119 11 Sketchy Mimikkyu :iconjaidenanimations:JaidenAnimations 3,756 290 Chibi Nebby :iconitachi-roxas:Itachi-Roxas 147 5 Pokemon Paladin Trainers: Shiro and Absol :iconprllnce:PRllNCE 240 9 New Approach :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,874 214 Aipom Used Baton Pass :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 558 42 Shiny Roselia ::GIFT:: :iconitachi-roxas:Itachi-Roxas 109 4 OUaD Part 2 - Page 16 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 544 138
Twilight Night Chapter 19
Goth grinned his both canine teeth after he heard Shade responded.
"Excellenita choice amigo," I gulped silently, felt slight uncomfortable by the way he looks at us. As if he was expected Shade to say those words. Even I notices Throbb was licking his chomps.
"Um, should we do something with that dead owl you killed?" I said, pointing over where the dead owl is and some flies were already buzzing over the corpse. Goth looks over at the dead owl and chuckles.
"Allow us to take care of that señorita, we'll be back shortly." With that, him and Throbb flew over and pick up the corpse with their sharp feet. I clinched when I saw their claws digging in the flesh and couldn't help but imagined how pain it has to be of those sharp claws digging in your skin.
Soon after both giant bats return after they gotten rid of the dead owl and Goth turn and give us a charming look.
"Now that is done, shall we head out to the forest mi amigos?" I nod
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I want to get a sketch drawn showing three of my friends with either their favorite pokemon in a hoodie or just them alone. I'm not sure how much it will cost so this is just to see.

One friend has gone through enough as it is, one is an amazing artist and always stressed, and one I never got to give a present too.

You don't have to donate if you don't want too. :) Just have a happy holiday.

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It's been quite a while since I last wrote a long journal.

I'm sorry for not posting more chapters of my stories on both Deviantart and but college is really wearing me down. I like college because I get to meet new friends and see the ones I made since my first year. But it seems like some professors are getting crabbier over the years because I have one teacher who seems mean toward me if I talked or try and crack a joke. Pre-Calculus was the subject and I can go in knowing the formulas but the professor will word the problem wrong and she takes off a lot of points. The lowest test grade I got was a 19. The highest I have so far is a 70.

I switched my major to teaching because I want to both get out of college fast and start working. And teaching is actually fun. I did an internship at the county I graduated from for the middle school. Three of my cousins are still in middle school and my sisters are at the school: One is about to graduate from high school and the other is in elementary school. I had to intern as part of my Cultural Diversity class and the students were really sweet. I had trouble trying to get them to be quiet when the teacher was gone but they weren't too bad.

Music appreciation feels like time stands still sometimes in that room. The professor has a tendency to repeat his rules because there are a lot of students who do not pay attention and gets caught on their phones. I try not to text in class. But the test I always get D's or C's but if we did better on one test we get points on the tests we got a bad grade on. We had to do two essay's and on both I made A's. I still wonder how because I was struggling to how to describe the music in the paragraphs.

Intro to Critical Thinking was okay because of the professor. She was a sweet lady but some students in the class did not show up for weeks or on the days they were supposed to give their presentations. And they come in late making up the same excuses. We only show up on Mondays at 3:00pm. How is it hard to show up to one class when I see you at the campus hanging out somewhere???? So far I have made 100's on the assignments and her final exam is open book. How cool is that?! Plus, she had a whole box of Dominos pizza leftover from a meeting and she let me take it because she did not like Dominos!!!!

And then there's World Literature 2. It was the only night class I had this semester and we only meet on Mondays. My friend Logan was in it so it was nice to share the torment. Him and I were the only ones who would talk about the works of literature we read over the week. Everyone else would follow what we just said and it gets annoying. One time, we got so tired of that and we told the professor that we were not going to talk about the works for the night just to see how everyone reacts. Let me tell you, it was hilarious. The room got quiet when the professor got done asking a question and everyone is LOOKING at Logan and I like “Come oooon say something!” The guy beside me is on his laptop looking up houses and talking on chatrooms. This class' final is just a essay. I started on it last night and got it looked over today and I worked on it more and turned it in before I left for home.

As for issues at home, not really much is happening. Except my cousins got a blue pitbull puppy who is the sweetest thing ever. I call her Bluey. My 11 year old cat Serafine passed away about two months ago or so and we got another kitten over the summer. We thought it was a girl at first because that was what our cousin Ansley told us. She was the one that gave us the kitten in the first place. Well, we named her after the dragon lady from Game of Thrones (Which was Kara's idea). Then we changed it to Katniss after that girl in Hunger Games. Until a few days ago, we found out that Katniss is chasing the female cat that hangs around the property. I guessed Kara had our Nana check her out and Katniss is a boy. HELLO! That would explain a lot!! His new name is Kenny since we have a female dog named Chesney. If anyone can guess what I'm trying to say when I say there's a cat name Kenny and a dog named Chesney, congratulations you know a famous person!

I am not having the best relationship with my mom still because she wants to act like a teenager and the fact I found out she wasn't a good person when I was little because she would get jealous when I got attention but this is personal so I am not telling.

My friend Logan is getting me Japanese stuff straight from Japan for Christmas! He loved the manga I gave him from my manga collection.

And people, please be nice. We already have people being mean to people that are different in this society.

I bought Pokemon Sun two Sundays ago and I finished it last Thursday. To be honest, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT~! I love the starters, I love the new pokemon, and I love the Alola forms!!! Though the Alola Exggator could have done better. When I started the game, I wanted all three starters. But I choose Popplio. I hate it when I saw people hating on it. And it goes the same with every Pokemon people make fun of. In my opinion, every Pokemon is special and it does not matter if it's weak or strong. I love them all. I told my 3DS “I don't care what they say, you are mine”at my Popplio dubbed Stitch.

I give kudos to Pokemon for trying so may different aspects in this game and for those who have not played the game, I will not put spoilers but I do recommend this game whether you get Sun or Moon. However I will say the main antagonist is INSANE. You will why when you get the game. And once again you will have dark entries in the Pokedex but give these Pokemon some love!

I got into some new animes as well, but I will only list a few of them.

One of them was Uta No Prince-Sama. It's about a girl who goes to a idol boarding school to be a composer and she has seven boys in a band. My favorite is Tokiya and I got my friend Anna into the anime XD I told her she would like Ren and I was dead right! I would recommend it. Yes, its in Japanese but it's worth it!! My only disappointment is they had a Christmas episode on the DVD set and iTunes did not put it on! :(

Another one is Show by Rock!! The show is about a girl who is sucked into a video game and she joins a girl band while trying to find out how to get back to her world and be a good musician. Now, already it has my favorite things: music and people with animal parts such as ears and tails. It is cute and it is worth getting though some episodes you wish should have been better.

Hetalia has a new season on iTunes as well and I recommend the cat episode XD

The biggest anime I got into is Blood Blockade Battlefront. This anime is unlike anything I have watched. EVER. The main character is a boy trying to save enough money to help cure his little sisters eyes. His sister is paralyzed to the waist since she was born and she sacrificed her eyes to let her brother get the All Seeing Eyes of the Gods. Now he is in what was once New York City. A supernatural portal opened where New York was and less than a day, it became Hellsalem's lot, a place where both humans and supernatural interact on a daily basis. He is dragged into a secret society by accident but he joins them anyway after a demon half tries to destroy the city. Yes, a demon half. There was half a demon body trying to find his other way and destroy the city. The secret society is called Libra and the boss is Klaus Von Reinherz, a giant German cinnamon roll that looks scary but he is a total sweetheart. You have Steven Starphase his second in command, his butler Gilbert, jerk face Zapp, silent and sadistic Chain, sharpshooter KK, and Sonic the speed monkey. There are more characters in this anime and in Libra but these are the main ones. The villains are pretty decent. One villain is pretty much BORED with life and tries to make everyone's complicated by causing bizarre crimes. If someone takes out his crimes in a normal boring way in his taste, he will rant almost Grell style. The main villain is pretty much weird but he is very cunning. I also got Anna into this but I had to bug her just to get her to watch one episode. I told her she would like Steven and I was once again RIGHT!!!

Anyway, I better sign off for the night. I will try and write more in the future. Good night everyone!

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